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Our scent will appeal to each persons choices of fragrances.

Change foul odors to pleasant ones with our variety of fragrances:

Fall & Winter Scents:

Apple Jack - An apple pie baking with a touch of cinnamon and spice. Deliciously inviting!
Bubble Gum - Like a true bubblegum smell. It's sweet and long lasting.
Cinnamon - A subtle, warm fragrance perfect for the professional office.
Cranberry - Freshly picked, strong cranberry aroma. Not too tart, not too sweet.
Fall Harvest - Butterscotch and nutmeg. Warm and calm!
Hollyberry - The cheerful feel of the holidays with subtle berry undertones
Holiday Home - All the fragrances of the holidays with a perceptible undertone of Christmas tree.
Peppermint - Strong and obvious: a candycane delight!
Pine - Your office will smell like Christmas tree all season!
Wassail - Traditional beverage with a slice of orange simmering on the stove.

Spring & Summer Scents

Mango - A customer favorite!
Orange - Moderately citrus!
Piña Colada - A beach vacation!
Pineapple - The most festive fragrance in this family. Smells exactly like a pineapple!
Raspberry - A summery, sunny scent and conjures up happy memories of summer break as a kid.
Strawberry - Savory 'just picked' sweet strawberries.
Tropical Fruit - A scent of the tropics!
Tropicana - A mix of tropical fruits without coconut.
Very Berry - A strong mix of berries. Our strongest fragrance!
Citrus Blast - A refreshing blend of Orange, Key Lime and Fresh Lemon.
Cool Breeze - Crisp and clean with an undertone of sun-dried linen.
Fresh Laundry - The clean, sun-dried smell of broadcloth.
Lemon - Rich and tart.
Key Lime - Sweet citrus fruit. It's refreshing and zingy.
Mountain Aire - Fresh with a hint of mint and meadow with no floral tones.
Mulberry - A delightful, sweet fragrance.
Ocean Wave - A clean, wind-blown feel with a mix of beach and sea.
Raine - A clean, soapy fragrance.
Spearmint - For those who love mint, this is a strong, minty fragrance.
Sunny Delight - A strong burst of citrus. Smells surprisingly like the beverage. Great for fitness centers and locker rooms.
Zero - A pleasant fragrance with hints of lemon and clove. It is ideal for certain odors are more prevalent.

Specifically Floral Scents:


Fresh Scent Jax

Fresh Scent Jax